Staying Proactive about Your Healthcare with Online Resources

Many patients experience fear and uncertainty before undergoing a surgical procedure. They realize that they must treat their surgical team to take the best care of them. They also may lack vital information they need to understand what will happen to them before, during, and after the operation. When you want to avoid this level of fear and uncertainty prior to your own surgery, you are encouraged to research your procedure, medical team, and healthcare facility online. By learning more about factors like the medical center, the nursing staff, and the vascular surgeon St. Petersburg patients like you may feel more in charge of your own care and upcoming recovery.

Finding Out the Information Online

The medical facility’s website is set up so that you can research every aspect of your care from start to finish entirely in a single online location. You can click on tabs and links that introduce you to your surgeons, some of the nursing leaders, and other professionals that will be in charge of your care. You can read about these people’s level of training and what areas of healthcare they specialize in before you allow them to operate on you.

You can also read more about the procedure itself if you want to know in depth about what to expect during your upcoming operation. You can learn details like what to do to prepare yourself for surgery, what will happen while you are under anesthesia, and what you can experience after the surgery is over.

While you can read in-depth details about your surgery online, you may instead prefer to watch a video of it. If you want to see graphics of the surgery, you can click on the videos and watch as an actual surgical process unfolds.

Account Portals and Self-Service Options

As a patient, you have the duty of taking care of payment and emergency contact details. You can set up a patient account to input your insurance and co-pay information, as well as your next of kin or directive details.

The patient account can also be used to fill out vital online documentation and make payments after your surgery. It only takes a few minutes to set up an online patient account.

You can avoid anxiety prior to surgery by doing some online research. The website gives you vital details of what to expect now and after the operation.

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