Child Friendly Games You Should Download Now

People of all ages love to play games, especially children. Computers, tablets, mobile phones, and different handheld consoles are widely available in the market, and because of this, a lot of games are coming out left and right. However, not all of these games are good for your kids. Majority of them are gory and teaches your child how to be rude. To ensure that your kids are not exposed to drugs and violence, here are the games that you can let them play.

PC/Laptop- Babysitting Mania

The goal of this game is to earn enough money to purchase a telescope. To achieve this, babysitting and cleaning other children’s mess should be done. This game teaches your child how hard it is to take care of kids, and therefore he will appreciate you more. Aside from that, he will learn the value of money and how difficult it is to earn it.

Handheld- Cooking Mama

This is a very successful game franchise and is loved not only by children, but adults too. Your kid will learn how to cut vegetables, bake a cake, cook a stew, and so much more without actually doing it in real life. This is a fun and interactive type of game where your child can utilize the stylus or his finger to complete the different levels.

Tablet(Available in iOS or Android)- Cut The Rope

For this game, your child should feed Nomnom the frog. This is accomplished by cutting all the ropes that binds the frog allowing him to chomp on the available snacks. The puzzles it contains are challenging enough to keep your child engaged for a couple of hours, plus there are a lot of levels to complete.

The following games are easy, interactive, and fun to play. Your child will learn a thing or two about money, cooking, and discipline. Furthermore, it can improve their memory, puzzle solving ability, and hand-eye coordination without being exposed to cussing, killing, or any other crimes. You can let your kids play it by themselves without worrying about its bad effects. If you want, you can join in on the fun and play it with them.

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