Video Games For The Whole Family

If traditional board game is not your cup of tea, as well as your children’s, then you can definitely try out video games. A lot of electronic games that has been released recently are very interactive and can be played by all members of your family whether it is the 60 year old grandma, or the 8 year old son. Here is a quick rundown of some of the games that you can go for.

Rock Band

  • Play the drums, guitar, keyboards, or sing through a microphone, this is how cool Rock Band is. There are lots of songs you can choose from and you can pick one from a certain genre or for your skill level. The beauty of Rock Band is compared to other games; up to 4 members of the family can play.
  • Why It’s Good For The Family- Music stirs the soul, and the whole family can just enjoy the sound and the way they handle the beat. Rock Band is great whether you are a family of musicians, aspiring to be one, or want to get over your boredom.

Just Dance

  • Play this game by grooving and swinging in time with the music. Select from more than 40 new soundtracks spanning from classic, party sounds, or current billboard music.
  • Why It’s Good For The Family- You can simply challenge a member of the family for a dance off. Aside from that, Just Dance is a good way to burn the extra calories because you will be dancing all the time.

Mario Party

  • Choose a character from the Mario series, roll the dice, beat your family members in each mini game, and collect as many stars and coins to be declared the winner.
  • Why It’s Good For The Family- The mini games are quite extensive and in each one, you will have to outsmart, outplay, or even cooperate with your family just to get that star.

Though there are violent games in the market, there are still a lot of family and kid-friendly games that you and the whole gang can bond over. Your children will definitely love this concept as they are very much in-tune with today’s technology so you will not have a hard time convincing them to play.

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