Guitar Hangers as Odd Kitchen Hooks

Restaurants that abound quaint backward counties often vie with each other for eccentricities to attract customers. Decors vary from the store bought modern but attractive electronic gewgaws to the odd but hauntingly nostalgic recycled stuffs from discarded knick knacks of opulent old county mansions that are now undergoing renovations.

These mansions often had music rooms for the whole family back in the olden times where every family member kept their individual music instruments. From these discarded music room knick knacks guitar hangers had comprised the odd recycled decorative hooks sold in flea markets. Those old guitar hangers look like odd kitchen hooks and often are being recycled and used as such in antiquated county restaurants. Those looks haven’t changed that much and are still sported by the very modern but still smart chauvet at

These modern guitar hangers could keep guitars out of the way, and could teach kids who are first time guitar owners’ responsibilities in keeping their guitars from underfoot, a practice that most guitar owners keep, which could be very annoying.

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