3 Tips For Crafting Mama’s And Their Children

A safe and good way to bond with your kids is through crafts making. Both mother and child will enjoy the activity, and they will feel successful once they finish a project. If you are thinking of doing this with your kid, then you should definitely read the tips below to learn what you should and shouldn’t expect, as well the things you must do to accomplish the said task.

Start Small

As this is probably the first time your child is doing this with you, do not start off with big and impossible projects. Be realistic, your child is too small for such a grandiose task. Determine the projects he can do for his age by looking at different forums on the internet. You can ask other mama’s like you, or better yet look at examples online. Start with a 20-30 minute session and build your way from there.

Accept The Mess

Children will always act like one so do not expect a clean work area. To protect your table or any other surfaces that you will be working on, cover it with papers, magazines, or newspapers. You can even place old plastic or gift wrappers. If you are going to use paint or materials of the same kind, it is best to put on old clothes or aprons. Everything is washable nowadays so do not scream like a banshee if a dot of color stains your dress.

Do Not Expect A Perfect Craft

Even if you are a crafting genius, your children may not be like that, or they are still developing their own style so do not expect everything to turn out exactly as you see it in books or magazines. Expecting as much will only lead you to disappointments, and instead of bonding effectively with your kids, you may push them away.

Kids love to discover and build new things so you will surely enjoy the whole experience. To get ideas, check online, read books, or simply go to crafting stores. By starting this activity early on in your children’s life, they will discover what a great world this is and will turn away from harmful vices like smoking, alcohol, or even drugs.

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