Shoes A Modern Man Should Own

In the past, cavemen ran barefoot. Their feet are strong, hard, and able to withstand the harsh environment. Fast forward to modern times; men are now stylish savants who don different types of footwear depending on their outfit. Though this is a fact of life, there are few who do not put much effort on their footwear because they think it is unimportant. But the reality is an outfit is not complete without the right shoes. To help you get back on track and be the stylish man that you are, here are the shoes you should own.

Trusty Sneaks

Every guy should have their own sneakers. It is comfortable, can take you places, and stylish as hell. This is typically worn with the shirt and jeans combo, though a lot of alpha male tend to veer of track and don it with a blazer to pull-off a laid back look.


Loafers made a comeback several years ago. Wearing it before meant that you are way past your thirties, but now even teens have them to complete their outfit. You can wear it with or without socks and it is great if you want to dress-up without overdoing it.

Sports/ Running Shoes

Every hot blooded male out there enjoys sports. Running, jumping, and tackling one another is in their genes. To do these activities without injuring yourself, you need to wear the right shoes. Get a shoe for the specific type of sports that you play to up your game.

Dress Shoes

Wing tip, black, or brown leather shoes are great when stealing the show. Wear it in the office, business meeting, or when attending a formal party to be taken seriously by your colleagues. Do not forget to shine it to leave a lasting impression.

Those are the top shoes that you must have for your style arsenal. There are a lot more out there to spruce out your outfit, like the work boots and desert boots, but the once mentioned above should be a staple in your wardrobe. Remember that the shoes make the man, and if you are not wearing the right one, what kind of guy are you?

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