High Expectations

You and your dog will view boarding in a completely different way when your pet has the pleasure of staying in a luxury dog kennel. When you board your pet at a facility that offers luxurious accommodations, special treats and lots of attention, it may expect you to provide those same luxuries once they return home.

Peace of mind

If you’re the one suffering separation anxiety after dropping your pet off at a boarding kennel, you should select a kennel that has a streaming webcam service. When you see your dog having fun or relaxing on its sheepskin bedding, you’ll have the peace of mind you need to enjoy your own vacation or focus on the purpose of your trip.

Custom care

You may be concerned about your pet feeling lonely or neglected while being boarded. To ease those concerns and to alleviate any feelings of guilt you might have over boarding your pet, you can choose a “vacation destination” for them that has a custom care plan. In this type of setting, you can request that your dog have extra individualized play session, a bedtime story, a massage, special treats and various other amenities.

Spending time at a boarding kennel can be a positive experience for your dog. If your dog spends the day at home alone, you might want to arrange for it to spend time at the kennel’s doggie daycare program. Pets can benefit from the exercise and socialization that doggie day care provides.

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