Board Games For Family Are Not Dead

With all the electronic games and applications available now, it is not uncommon for many people to think that board games are not around the circulation anymore. However, these types of games are continually thriving and are loved by many families around the globe. If you are a parent who wants to bond with his child or other family members, a board game should be your go-to entertainment because it is fun and addicting. With that in mind, here are the top board games that you and your family can play.


  • The Game- Imagine yourself saving the world from a disease. It would be nerve-wracking, but you would do everything and look at every solution possible. Add the help of your family and this would be one of the craziest adventure, err, board game that you ever played.
  • Why You Should Love It- Instead of competing against other family members, you will cooperate to finish the game. This promotes bonding and a sense of accomplishment once the game is beaten.


  • The Game- In a classic charade, a person from your team lets you guess by acting out. Rollick is played in reverse by letting the whole team members act out and letting one player guess the given scenario or word.
  • Why You Should Love It- With the other members portraying and acting out different poses, it would definitely give the whole family a lot of fun.


  • The Game- Everyone knows what this game is all about, but for the sake of the noobs, here is a rundown. Monopoly is played by acquiring different properties, letting your money grow, and bankrupting the other players.
  • Why You Should Love It- A little competition between the members of the family is good once in a while. Aside from that, the iron has been replaced with a cat so if you are an animal lover, you will surely love being the cat.

Board games are a great way to have a good clean fun. It can be played anywhere, anytime so this would be a good companion for the whole family when having a reunion, going to the beach, camping, or in places where there is no electricity.

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