A DIY Gift Ideas for Your Hubby

Your husband’s birthday is fast approaching and you have no idea what to give him. It seems that he possesses everything he has ever wanted, and every year his needs become more expensive. If this is the case, a good suggestion is to go back to the basics. Instead of giving him an even grander gift, you can try making a DIY craft. This way he will know that you made it from scratch, from the heart, and from sweat and tears, though the latter may seem unlikely.

Braided or Beaded Bracelet

If your man is a style savant, then it is best to give him something that he can wear and show off. A braided or beaded bracelet will do the trick and immediately spruce his outfit so he will definitely love it. Go for your husband’s favorite color, or you can always try mixing and matching hues. If your husband is a bit conservative, play it safe by going for darker and plainer colors.

Scrapbook Full of Memories

Your husband may appear tough as nails, but he is gooey and as soft as a marshmallow on the inside. This means that he will feel very grateful towards you when you give him that specially made scrapbook for his birthday. Include tear-jerking pictures and heart melting descriptions collected throughout the years. This will be a very memorable birthday for him and both of you will have a blast going down the memory lane.

DIY Hammock

Do not fret girls because making a hammock is simple as long as you have the right materials and know-how. You can utilize a weave fabric, or any other similar materials. This is a perfect gift for your man because he can use it to relax from a long and tiring day at work.

There are a lot more DIY gifts and crafts that you can do for your husband, but the aforementioned are some of the simplest, easiest, not to mention affordable crafts that you can do without any help. Your hubby will appreciate the time and effort you spent into making it so he will feel lucky to have you by his side.

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