What to eat when you are on homeopathy

If you want to get back to a more natural lifestyle than you are living now, you have probably increased exercise and increased the amount of natural foods that you eat. When it comes to caring for common ailments, you can also get back to nature with a variety of homeopathy medicines for the common cold, aches, pains, sleeping troubles and much more. Here are some common food-related ingredients found in many of these recipes.

Tea and Tea Components

One of the most common food ingredients in homeopathic recipes is tea. Chamomile is great for recipes that require a relaxing element. Green tea is also a key ingredient in many medicines that help to decrease anxiety.

Flavorful Spices

Another category of common ingredients for homeopathy are spices. Not only will they add flavor to your meals, but they can also help with arthritis, heartburn and inflammation. Some of the most common spices used as ingredients include ginger, turmeric, sage and rosemary.

Golden Liquids

Many homeopathic recipes also use liquid products that help to mix ingredients together and to make a flavorful concoction when you are taking it by mouth. Common liquids found in most of your basic homeopathy recipes include honey, apple cider vinegar, ginger juice and lemon juice.

These are just a few ingredients that can help you create your own homeopathic medicines so you can live a more natural life.

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