Popular Exercises You Should Be Doing

Physical activities like exercise combat stress, depression, and sickness. With all its benefits, it is a wonder why some people prefer to sit down on their couch and eat junk food. Individuals who enjoy exercise know its advantages because they have probably experienced it themselves. For those who want to try it out, listed below are some of the most popular exercise you should take note of.


  • Getting started- Find a suitable place where you can run. The park, beach, and local trails are highly enjoyable because of the great scenery you can see. If you are not near those areas, run in your neighborhood. You can do this with a friend who enjoys this kind of physical activity.
  • Equipments- Get shoes that are made for running. Your clothing should be breathable and comfortable. Wear a watch to keep track of time, if it has a heart rate monitor, then so much the better. Take a music player with you so you will not get bored.
  • Benefits- It strengthens you lungs and heart. Running also makes you happier because of the hormones released in your body.

Weight Lifting

  • Getting started- People who are new to weightlifting should seek an assistance from a trainer, or someone who knows what they are doing. Start from lighter weights and progress from there. Do not begin from a high intensity, especially if you are a novice to prevent injuries.
  • Equipments- Wear cross-training shoes to make lifting more comfortable. Bring a towel and a water bottle to re-hydrate during the workout. If you enrolled in the gym, then you have no problems with the machinery.
  • Benefits- It helps burn more calories. Lifting weights also strengthens your body and make you develop muscle.


  • Getting started- Enroll in yoga classes near your place to make it accessible. If you do not have the budget, then view videos online to learn a thing or two about it. You can even buy DVD’s for yoga.
  • Equipments- When it comes to yoga, the yoga mat is your friend. Also, wear breathable fabric that will allow you to move.
  • Benefits- Yoga increases flexibility and strength, improves your move, enhance mental focus, and allow you to relax.

Any of those three will certainly help you physically, mentally, and emotionally. They are popular these days because of the many benefits they can give. If you are nervous to try them by yourself, then by all means, have someone accompany you. After a couple of days, you will feel confident enough to do it alone.

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