Top Exercise Myth Busters

Your friend, husband, and even your neighbor will tell you different things about exercise. If you are not well-informed, you tend to believe them. This is what happens to other people when they hear exercise myths. Because it has been circulating for a long time and spread through word of mouth, it is believed to be a fact. Today, readers will learn the truth behind some of these myths.

Myth # 1- Women who lift weights will look bulky and heavy

Most men dream of having large pectoral muscles, bulging biceps, and well-developed legs. To achieve this they lift heavy weights. That is the main reason why women shy away from this type of exercise. They think that by lifting weights, they will literally build muscles like that of a guy. This is a false belief. First off, women do not possess as much testosterone as men, so they will not end up looking like The Rock. Aside from that, they are not going to lift high volume weights with great intensity and repetition. For all women, go ahead and lift weights to shed that fat and tone your body.

Myth # 2-There is no point of exercising if it is not done over an hour

Some people believe that they need at least an hour each day to exercise. They think that several minutes will not cut it at all. This is also a false belief. Even if you do 10 to 15 minutes of exercise each day, you will still reap its benefits. In exercise, quality is still better than quantity. If you do not have at least 30 minutes to do it, then increase the intensity of your workout to get your heart pumping. You can run around the neighborhood for a couple of minutes, jump rope, or lift dumbbells. You can also take the stairs in your office instead of riding the elevator.

Myth # 3- If you do not feel pain while exercising, then it is not effective

This is probably the most common myth out there. Some people have this wild idea that they should be experiencing pain while having their workout to get the maximum gain. On the contrary, pain while exercising may signal an injury or underlying condition. Seek medical attention when this happens to prevent complications.

There you have it, the top myths regarding exercise and the truth behind it. Actually, there are probably hundreds more out there. Before believing these things, learn to research first. This will help you workout more efficiently, and may even save your life in the long run.

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