How to Help Someone With an Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholism is a severe illness that can take a person several years to control. Supportive family members and friends can provide an addicted person with the best possibility of making a full recovery. The following are some tips for people who need to support such a person:

Treat Him or Her With Compassion

The most important element of helping a person to recover from an alcohol addiction is compassion. Compassion is a loving understanding about the person’s trials and tribulations. A compassionate person should never demean a person who has a drug or alcohol problem as doing such could cause the person to binge or relapse.

Encourage the Person to Go to Meetings

A newly released rehabilitation resident may have a difficult time finding the motivation to visit support groups and workshops. Supportive family members and friends can help immensely by acting as a personal cheering squad for the person.

Conduct Weekly or Daily Tests

Parents of a young alcoholic person can ensure that the person remains sober by conducting weekly or daily alcohol testing. Some companies sell alcohol-testing kits in large quantities so that parents, guardians and counselors can gauge a person’s progress. An example of a company that offers such tests is Rapid

The aforementioned tips should assist a family member or friend in caring for a loved one who has an alcohol or drug addiction. The key to success is staying alert so that one can tell when the loved one needs help.

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