Time to Explore the Digital World of Arts

To be upfront, I graduated with a degree in something that’s a mix of different things. I took up a variety of courses from computer science to finance to marketing and communication arts. I have high expectations of myself. But to my disappointment, I have barely scratched the surface of my potential.

I have been a communicator for so long that I’ve simply stuck with my strengths and forgotten the rest. That, to me, is unacceptable. I want to my multidimensional. I don’t want to be boxed in. And the way I see to achieving this multidimensional self is to explore other media of self- expression. I don’t just want to write, I want to get into art. I want to be able to manipulate images and create my own images. I want to create vector shapes and awesome digital paintings. I want to be able to design websites, posters, heck, even billboards.

Oh, but I’m just afraid I don’t have enough time for that. I have 3 jobs that I’m tied to. Where am I going to put that in?

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