3 Ways To Make Home Health Care Easier

CBC recently reported that although senior citizens only make up about 14 percent of the population of Canada, they use about 40 percent of the offered hospital services.This is largely due to a delay in transferring people from hospitals to long-care facilities. A 2011 census of the population determined that of the nearly 5 million seniors, 92 percent lived in private dwellings and another 8 percent lived communally in residences for senior citizens or other healthcare related facilities. When you add to these statistics the fact that in a survey of Canadians aged 15 and up, roughly 3.8 million people—over 13% of the adult population—are limited in their daily lives due to some form of disability, it becomes clear that home disability care is a growing topic for many and is, on the whole, far preferable to lengthy hospital stays.

If you have recently taken on the care of a disabled parent, spouse or child, you have probably discovered the benefits of having a hospital bed in your home. The beds are adjustable both at the head and at the foot, as well as adjustable in height, making transition from bed to chair, wheelchair or scooter easier. Since hospital beds are also situated on wheels, it is far easier to move around the room or house than a standard household bed.

Hospital beds, wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, roll away tables, patient lifts, and scooters are indispensable items when caring for loved ones in the home. They are also, far more importantly, of the utmost importance for allowing individuals the freedom and ability to care for themselves. But is it truly necessary to purchase these costly items?If, like most people, cost efficiency plays a large part in your decision making process, the rental of big ticket items should be of great interest to you.

Having made the choice to have a hospital bed in your home, there are two options open to you: find a hospital bed for sale or rent a home hospital bed. While it is possible to find hospital beds for sale—you may even be able to find used ones in order to help reduce the cost. Renting one is likely to be far more economic. On average, hospital beds sell for over $4,500 and supposing you require the bed for two years of daily use, the rental cost per month can still be less than the cost of purchase.

Make your home health care efforts less complicated by having the necessary items in your home. Allow these items to assist the one in need to have the independence they crave and deserve. Rent these home health care products today from reliable online retailers like Vital Mobility (you can visit Vital Mobility online to find out more). With so many options to help make home health care easier, you are sure to find the ideal medical mobility device for you or your loved one.

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