Looking to Break Things Down for People

Before jumping into marketing I was enjoying my time as an academic tutor at a local center. I was feeling fulfilled because I was helping kids improve their grades, or for those who had good grades, I was helping them maintain their academic performance. Prior to that, I was a volunteer teacher for local public high school juniors and seniors. That was even more fulfilling.

These experiences gave me so much inspiration that I decided I wanted to become a teacher. I even enrolled for a post- graduate degree in language and literacy education. I finished the course but sadly, by that time, I had changed plans and lost my way to the teaching career I once planned for.

I would not say all is lost, though. In the next two years or so, I want to get a certification from CELTA so that I could teach English wherever there is opportunity. That certification, I hope, would finally jumpstart my way to fulfilling this dream.

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