My Thoughts about Miley’s Wrecking Ball Video

Again, Miley Cyrus did it again, after the MTV awards twerking performance she released a new video that shocked the world with its nudity, by the way I would not call it explicit because It really isn’t. I respect other people’s opinion considering Miley Cyrus have so many young fans and surely parents would really bat an eye lash and raise some eyebrows seeing this video but when I first saw it, I thought wow!

First of all, I already heard this song on YouTube a lot of amateur singers already did a cover of this song since the audio version had been released, I thought the song is good and it’s very powerful. It shows a vulnerable side of Miley. I really think that it’s her story, that people are putting all these walls around her and so she had to break them just like a wrecking ball. She’s 20, she can appear nude in front of the screen, and she’s an artist! There lot’s of Hollywood movies out there that show nudity in young actresses, why can’t this video be any different? People should just let go of Hannah Montana, she’s fictional!

Though, the song can be pertained to her ex lover, whatever the case, it’s still the same, and I think the video is perfect for the song. I mean this is the image that Miley wants people to see; she’s wrecking her “old Miley” image to bring out the “Miley today”. I’m not saying that I like her image now than her image before but people change, and she’ll learn something from this change, and that’s up to her to realize.

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