When Mothers Need Help

How do you fight depression? I chose writing this because I know that my mother has become depressed lately not that it was diagnosed as clinical depression but I find that she was depressed. I really felt bad for my mother because she has no one to vent out her feelings but to me. Somehow I’ve become the absorber for the family because I’m the one who thinks neutrally about things.

My father isn’t helping either because he’s busy of work or he doesn’t want to be bothered with another problem. The thing is my mom has become lonely because she has no husband to support her, instead of giving her encouraging things he just keeps quiet and often times be irritated and walks off the room. And my brothers aren’t helping either because they think she’s getting crazy with her mood swings.

I feel bad for her, sometimes I cry of the thought that my mom would be on depression and will have to maintain on drugs just to keep her sane. She has become an alcoholic for years now, she’s been drinking every night just to keep her asleep and I know it’s not good and I know she should be seeing a Psychiatrist just to give her some counselling but I’m afraid her stubborn mind doesn’t want to go or doesn’t want the idea of seeking a psychiatrist because people would think she’s crazy.

We all need help and these things should not be judged. I just hope she gets better soon.

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