Natural Ways to Reduce Body Odour

Two wet circles around your under arms is bad enough without adding odour into the mix. It’s an embarrassing problem that effects everyone, and being the sensitive topic that it is, our society loves to throw it in the taboo basket where it never gets openly discussed. Instead we are sold lies in bottles with ridiculous names and heavily exaggerated declarations naturally proven to improve our excess sweat condition. They may temporarily control the problem, but they don’t address the underlying cause. If you’re chasing a natural remedy to combat undesirable body odour, here is a few ways you may not have considered.

What causes body odour

First things first, what actually causes body odour? Strictly speaking, body odour is a scent that is caused by perspiration. When sweat mixes with bacteria, it forms odour that may come across as unpleasant, neutral, somewhat sweet or impossible for the human nose to detect.

Spritz with vinegar

Touted as the wonder drug of yesterday – and today. Vinegar is an all-natural antiseptic that contains many vital minerals and trace elements such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, chlorine, sodium, sulphur, copper, iron, silicon and fluorine, all of which are vital for a healthy body. Spraying apple cider vinegar on the odorous areas of your body can help kill bacteria and fungi on the skins surface, eliminating offensive smells.

Wear clothing made of only natural fibres

Ever notice when you wear low quality, synthetic clothing, you tend to sweat a lot more? Imitation clothes don’t allow for great breathability and air flow resulting in a moisture build up where bacteria thrives. Wearing items made from silk or pure cotton will drive away the humidity and keep your skin drier in warmer climates.

You are what you eat

Remember chowing down on a large sundae when you were a kid and you mother scoffing you are what you eat! Truth be told, she wasn’t entirely wrong. Spicy foods like chilli might be delicious, tasty and nutritious, but they also raise your body’s temperature resulting in bad odours to exude through your pores after you consume them. The list of smelly causing foods is extensive, and while you don’t need to cut them all out of your diet, limiting them will see significant improvements to your aroma.

Keep yourself fresh with organic cleansers

This may seem simple, but one of main causes of bad scents is a general lack of physical hygiene. By bathing at least once a day, you can heavily reduce the amount of bacteria population on your skin. Opt for organic cleansers free from harsh chemicals make sure you pay extra special attention to the problem areas. Once you’ve finished, dry your body well as bacteria grow best on damp, hot skin.

Don’t go for deodorants

In a world news first, deodorant (that thing that supposed to make you smell good) is actually making you smell worse than ever. As mentioned earlier in this article, perspiration by itself has no odour at all until bacteria comes into the equation. Soaps and deodorants actually supply food for germs and they excrete even more. As hard as this may be, ditch the deodorant for a month and see if you notice a difference. If you can’t live without it, try a mineral salt roll on, or in cases of excessive seating, Rexona Clinical has a sensitive skin range that prevents odour and wetness.

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