Uncle Joe’s Cleansing Journey

Uncle Joe is my favorite among all of my five uncles. He’s always been the funniest, most playful one. He was the one who taught me how to throw a punch like a real man, and even let me wrestle with him whenever he visits. When I found out he had a drug problem, I was really devastated. I never thought of him as someone who would succumb to the world of illegal drug use.

After years of addiction, I guess he realized that he’s only wasting his life. I’m really proud of him because he stepped up and decided to admit himself to a heroin rehab. My mom and I drove him there to make him feel that we will support him all the way and to give him the motivation and encouragement he so desperately needs. I’m praying for his speedy recovery and I just hope that once he’s done, he will go back to the awesome Uncle Joe I used to know.

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