Getting a Good Night’s Sleep with a Bump

Growing a baby is a tiring job, which is ironic as there’s rarely a time it’s harder to nod off than when you’re expecting. The first few months of pregnancy are often plagued with sickness, which despite its name is not confined to mornings. The constant nausea causes much nocturnal misery, and plenty of tossing and turning.

Of course, once the sickness wears off bump has usually started to make an appearance. Although it’s a lovely feeling to know baby’s growing well, sleeping quickly becomes troublesome. There are plenty of gadgets available that claim to help with growing tums, here’s a list of some of the best, and most reliable, ways to get a good night’s sleep.

1. A wedge pillow. Designed to support bump when mum’s sleeping on her side (as commonly advised by midwives), wedge pillows have a few alternative benefits. Placed under a head pillow, wedges alleviate acid reflux attacks. Once baby’s made an appearance a similar approach can be used under a changing mat to help with sicky babies who don’t appreciate being flat on their backs.

2. Maternity sleepwear. After 20 weeks bump will grow at an alarming rate, so it’s sensible to buy loose pyjamas and nighties before mum’s bursting out of her old ones. Improvising isn’t advised so buy from a specialist like Heavenly Bump, and don’t be worried, there are plenty of fashionable but cheap maternity clothes available, it won’t break the bank!

3. Cooling spray. Like air conditioning in a can, cooling spray is a life saver when bump turns into a mobile central heating unit. For summer mummies, no amount of open windows will cut it. Similarly, labour wards are kept hotter than the devil’s kitchen, so pack a can of cooling spray in the hospital bag too.

4. A V shape pillow. Placed between the knees a V pillow alleviates pressure on the hips for side sleeping. Alternatively, once baby’s arrived V pillows can be used either as back support to sit up in bed feeding, or as a support pillow for nursing.

5. A foot massage. This is where the ‘gadget’ of a caring partner is invaluable. Whether or not you believe in reflexology, swollen ankles and toes will feel ten times better after a massage. Using a lavender scented moisturiser will help enhance the relaxing experience and, hopefully, mum will be drifting off to sweet dreams in no time.

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