Electronic Cigarettes: Breaking the Social Stigma

For years, the traditional cigarette has become a black sheep when it comes to items produced and sold all over the world. You know exactly why this is the case even though most traditional smokers are keen on denying it. Traditional cigarettes cause lung cancer, is heavy on the pocket, and does not give any benefits at all. However, after the introduction of its counterpart, the Electronic cigarettes, in general are breaking free from the social stigma that was cast upon it. Here are the reasons why it’s more accepted by people.

1. Goodbye Bad Breath

It is no secret that traditional cigarettes can cause a foul odor on your mouth. No matter how many mint candies you chew, you can never get rid of the smell easily. The only way to do it is to brush your teeth, and sadly you cannot do that every time you smoke. In the meantime, the electronic cigarette or E cigs eliminates such problems. Because it does not contain tobacco, you can say goodbye to bad breath totally. That is why non-smokers and smokers alike prefer this over the traditional kind of cigarette.

2. Cheaper Type of Cigarette

Another factor that made the e cigarettes more popular is the price. Some people may argue that this is more expensive than traditional ones because it has battery, but in reality, the battery carries the brunt of what you are going to spend the whole month. Compared to traditional cigarettes, the e cigarettes do not prevent you from buying a pack everyday like what you used to do. If you do not believe this, you can check out the prices at www.21stcenturysmoke.com and do a comparison.

3. A Safe Alternative

The last factor you have to consider is the safety. Because you do not light the electronic cigarettes due to the battery used, there is no fire hazard involved when smoking one. You know by now that traditional cigarettes have caused numerous fires in the past, and that factor contributed to the social stigma that made people hate it to have in their home and buildings.

Thanks to electronic cigarette, the stigma has been broken. If you want to benefit from the changes, you will definitely shift your attention to it. Start jumping ships now by going to 21stcenturysmoke.com.

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