Your Toddler the Picky Eater

Mealtime has come and gone, yet your child still refuses to eat the fish and vegetable on his plate. You have things to do, and you know that you are defeated so you just let your kid go. This is a common scenario for most parents who have toddlers in their midst. Making them eat is a nightmare, and they rarely want to try out new food. If you are wondering why this happens and you want to change it for the better then simply continue.

Reasons Why Your Child Is So Picky:

Your children are selective with food because you made them that way. Yes, kids are naturally curious about things, especially the ones they put in their mouth, but you can prevent them from only eating chicken or junk foods in the first place. Most parents give in easily to their children because they want to spoil them. This is understandable because you want to see your children smile, but letting them get away with it all the time will not be good for them and their diet.

Aside from that, some parents are too busy to even prepare a decent meal. Processed and readily made foods are always served, and because it was made to please people with all its preservatives and add-ons, children get used to it and only want to eat those types of foods. The way you present the food also plays a huge role. Who would want to eat something that looks gruesome and unattractive? Surely you do not want to eat it yourself.

Solution to Your Problems:

Even if your children are picky eaters, there is still hope. To deal with this problem you have to handle the preparation first. Children love colorful things, so use it to your benefit. Thankfully, vegetable and other healthy foods come in a wide array of colors, so you will not have problems in that department, you just have to cut and design it carefully to make it more attractive. Next is the taste, even if you cannot change the taste of vegetable, you can definitely add sauces, dips, and the like to make it yummier. The last one which is the habit is the most difficult to break. Start by serving meals on a schedule. Then, serve small pieces at a time, especially if it is new food so you will not overwhelm your child. Do not give up if he does not like it, try again another time.

Those are the things you can do to help your child eat the right foods. Remember that you should not force him to eat when he is already full. Aside from that, you should make the whole experience entertaining so he will look forward to mealtimes. Now that you know what to do, it is time to serve that dish.

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