Discover Some of the Latest Benefits of Injectable Fillers

Injectable dermal fillers, as many people know, are minimally invasive ways to enhance facial contours, while also softening wrinkles and creases on the face. With a dermal filler treatment you are able to soften smile lines, restore lost fullness to your cheeks and lips as well as contour your jaw line. These procedures are very popular in Toronto and throughout Canada where many women and men enjoy a wide range of cosmetic options. In fact, there are numerous online testimonials who comment about looking and feeling younger after one of these procedures with injectable fillers. Here is just one example of how dermal fillers have helped people of all ages look and feel better about themselves.

It’s not just the amazing results that have people seeking out this treatment. Another aspect of this non-invasive procedure is linked to it being far less expensive than facial surgical procedures or liposuction. A typical filler treatment is viewed as a simple outpatient process that is priced reasonably. What this means is that you can stop in for a treatment after work or even during your lunch break and then continue about your day. There is no lengthy recovery required, which makes this treatment affordable to the client, since they won’t have to take time off work and the doctor won’t have to book an OR to complete the procedure. With a doctor being able to see more patients in a day, the price of the treatment then drops for the client since less of the doctor’s time is required.  Patients who may not have been able to afford such treatments in the past can now seek help for issues that have been bothering them about their appearance. For instance, a happy patient – who lived with facial scaring since birth – commented online about how dermal filler procedures literally changed her life with a new healthier looking face.

There are many people who like to get an injectable filler treatment for such things as plumping up their thin lips; while others want to repair skin problems on their face or neck area. In fact, there are many happy clients who comment about these liquid facelifts online. They explain how the use of dermal fillers offer them the same physical benefits of having a major facelift without the high cost and fear of being put under during a major operation. Juvederm, one of the leading dermal filler products on the market today is made of hyaluronic acid, which is a natural sugar found in all mammals. Since this substance is already found in the body it has been proven safe to use for cosmetic purposes. Approved by the FDA and Health Canada it is seen as a ‘next-generation’ facial filler.

Moreover, there are leading dermatologists throughout Canada who offer various skin rejuvenation treatments in addition to dermal filler injections. The consensus among doctors is the treatments are safe with proven results. In turn, the best advice is to ask a skin specialist to recommend the right treatment or combination of treatments to meet your expectations for a new and healthier looking facial appearance. In addition, the great thing about a facial filler treatment is one can return to everyday activities right after receiving the injection.

While dermal filler skin treatments are trending with many people today, it is known that Skin Vitality is one of the most respected dermal filler injection practitioners in Canada. Skin Vitality provides more dermal filler injections with Juvederm than any other medical practitioner in Canada.  They have staff of over 100 professional nurses and technicians who are second to none in both experience and putting the customer first each and every time.

Overall, the people who regularly get injectable dermal filler treatments are very pleased with the results that include fewer deep facial folds and furrows, and far less wrinkles on the face. Also, the substance that is used in these treatments is considered to be non-permanent because it naturally gets absorbed back into the body over time.

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