The Truth about Overactive Bladder

Is it common for you to take frequent trips to the toilet? Then you must have on overactive bladder. Usually it is normal to empty your bladder at least 8 times a day but beyond that is considered overactive. When the bladder is full, it will send signal to the brain and tells it that it’s time to empty the bladder; its muscles will tighten to push the urine and as the bladder contracts the urinary sphincter will relax to let the urine flow to the ureters and outside your body.

The problem with a person with an overactive bladder, it sends premature signal to the brain even though the bladder is not yet full. That’s why you have those “have to go moments”. Having OAB is inconvenient especially when you are in a long meeting, long distance travel, or just simply on a date, it’s not only troubling yourself but also the others.

How to lessen the urge

The problem with OAB is that it cannot be cured because the nerves signals your brain to pee but you can trick it, or you can limit your bathroom trips with these tips.

Schedule your liquid intakes

Even though you have an overactive bladder you still have to drink liquids because your body needs to rehydrate but you can schedule it whenever you have important things to do that doesn’t need to be disturbed by your bladder. Whenever you have a meeting or work, an hour or two you must drink your fluid, be it water, juice, coffee or tea. That’s enough time for your brain to signal your urge to pee, make sure you have visited the toilet right before you go. Drink only a little whenever you’re busy, just enough to quench your thirst.

If you drink too much of coffee and tea or beer, then you are going to pee a lot since these liquids are diuretics, that stimulates the emptying of your bladder.

Do the Kegel’s exercise

As we grow old or giving birth to more kids our urinary sphincter weakens and loses its ability to contract, that’s why some people have problems of holding their urge and causes leakage. We can prevent these from happening just by doing the Kegel’s maneuver, this exercises your sphincter muscles and strengthens it.

Weight issues

As you gain more pounds in your body you are also adding the weight on your pelvic floor thus squeezing your bladder.

Be stress free

Whenever you think too much of your credit card bills, love life and family issues, and your body is inclined to absorbed it, you sweat and pee a lot. Take time to breathe, unwind and meditate.

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