Mistakes People Do When Dieting

We all want to lose weight and sometimes we do it very wrong.

Too much of healthy oil

We all know that olive oil is good for you because it’s not like other oil, it has monounsaturated fats, vitamin E and flavanoids that are good for the heart, so we can’t get enough of it and just pour it in our salads and other sauces without measuring. Here’s the thing, olive oil is good for you but it still contains calories and 120 cal per tablespoon of it.

Avoiding fruits

Most people don’t eat fruits because it contains sugar and sugar can make you fat, actually fruit has what we call natural sugar which our body needs more, than what we get from drinking bottled fruit juice that contains added sugar. Eating fruits everyday will give your body vitamins and minerals which you need, so it’s okay to eat them without guilt.

Eat less, exercise more

When you want to lose weight drastically, you consider eating less like consuming a cup of yogurt then you are up and running next to lose those weight right away. Our body still needs to get use to eating less; our metabolism still doesn’t follow to your rapid change of eating style so chances are you’ll be gaining more of that weight once you give in to your cravings. Try to limit what you eat in a weekly manner until your body is use to the change.

Nut’s are a No No!

Despite the health benefits of eating nuts, people are still hesitant about eating because it contains oil, but little that that we know that eating them as snacks will make us full and satisfy our craving making us eat less. Try munching on some almonds, peanuts and cashews than those fatty chips.

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