Is Escapism Negative?

Before I talk about my thoughts regarding escapism, let me first define the word; Escapism is diverting your mind from reality. It can be in a form of entertainment and other recreation. Escapism is viewed as a negative behaviour since the person doing so tries to get away from what is happening in reality.

Escapism has its many ways, like indulging yourself in reading novels and immerse in the imaginative world created by the author. Some people also write music, play computer games and watch movie series. Take note that these activities are done in a frequent manner and may sometime hinder in their usual activities.

I like to read novels and watch movie series every time, I even join in their fandoms because I’m such hardcore about it; however I don’t consider this an escape to do my usual everyday activities. I view this kind of stuff as a hobby that makes me feel good.

Though most people view escapism negatively because it distance yourself from reality however in reading novels I find myself being opened up to reality in very different ways, all stories though it’s fantasy or sci-fi there are bits of reality in them and these can also open up your mind to something bigger.

The same way goes with watching movies, movies also depicts reality, the plot of the story can also be paralleled with reality.

I don’t think that all escapism is negative but if that someone is tries to live in the world and replaces that to reality then it can be alarming. I think Escapism should be categorized in three ways; mild, moderate and extreme being the unhealthy kind.