Exercise and Pregnancy: Baby Let’s Move!

Being pregnant is not an excuse not to be physically active, if you are facing any health related problem or your pregnancy is not that risky then it is encouraged that you do some exercise to be physically fit, both you and your baby will benefit from it.

Moderate cardio exercise

While being pregnant you can do some aerobics by simply taking a morning walk, do exercise that’ll increase your heart rate but be sure that you are not straining yourself too much. You can also do yoga, light dance repetitions and even simple chores like scrubbing or raking can be an exercise. Keep in mind that in doing these simple exercises, it is important that you drink plenty of fluids before and after.

Strengthening exercises

Giving birth is tough and pregnant women needed the strength to handle a physically draining ordeal. One can lift light objects with increasing repetitions. Repetition is always the key for strengthening exercises. When lifting a heavy object, remember not to strain.

What to avoid

Never lift heavy object that could strain your lower back, avoid holding your breath while exercising, breath normally. Do play sports that require balls, it might hit your belly. Avoid walking on slopes because you might slip.

It is important to be physically fit but it is more important to do it cautiously.

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