Drinking Challenge: Water Infused Drink

Our body needs fluids especially water to rehydrate and flush down toxins. Since the market has a variety of fruit drinks and sodas in bottle containers, people often prefer to buy and consume these stuff because of its delicious flavour, but little that we know that these drinks may not suffice our body’s need to replenish. Juices and soda’s has less water and more of acids and artificial sweeteners not to mention food preservatives that are harmful for our health.

Why not drink water?

Okay I get it; water is too plain for you. Here’s an idea, why not make a sassy drink out of water? All you need is a pitcher of water, some fruits and herbs to add flavour to your drink. Not only that your pitcher of water looks beautiful and sexy, it’s good for you too, because it has water that your body needs plus the vitamins and minerals coming from the fruits and herbs infused in it. It’s a perfect drink for those of you who wants to lose weight, make your skin healthy and simply for the sake detoxification.

Try this sassy combo

Lemons are not only rich in Vitamin C; they are also good for detoxifying. Gingers have an anti-inflammatory property and are good for digestion; berries are anti-oxidants that helps prevent cancer. Slice these fruit thinly, put only half of a quarter of each fruit in a pitcher and infuse it for 2 hours. You can either drink them at room temperature or you can add some ice cubes to make it more refreshing.

There are many fruit and herbs combos out there, try to mix and match them to add some variety to your drinks. Cheers!

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