The Rural Life

My family just moved into a rural area. I was raised in the city and to say that I’m culture shocked would be an understatement. Everywhere I look, I see green. Grass, trees, even most of the houses are painted green for some reason I have yet to find out. The most popular vehicle among kids my age is apparently 49cc mopeds and not cars. I guess it’s easier to travel along the narrow roads in a motorcycle. Even the way the people speak and joke around is different—sometimes I don’t even understand what they’re saying because of their accent.

It’s not all bad though, the fresh air and fresh produce is something I’m really thankful for. The food here tastes better than it does in the city—probably because they’re not instantly cooked or full of preservatives. The life here is slow and relaxing, and our neighbors are genuinely nice. I still miss living in the city, of course. But I can see myself also enjoying the life here.

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