Healthy Snack for A Hungry Stomach

I really don’t like starving myself, even though my friends tell me not to eat too much. I don’t eat like a pig; I just like to eat frequently. When you are working, especially when you have a job that requires frequent brains storming you need to eat to get some glucose into your brain and not having your stomach emptied.

Some people don’t realize that they already hungry because they are busy thinking of other things or preparing a snack is tiresome. Food and water is our body’s fuel and we need them to get things done right.

Whenever I’m hungry especially when I go overtime typing stuff, I just make cucumber sandwich. This snack has been my favourite because it really satisfies my stomach. All you need is bread; if you want it to be healthier you can use wholegrain bread, a bit of mayo, cheese and cucumber. Sometimes I also add some tomato and garnished white onion for added flavour. It goes well with juice, coffee or tea. Try it!

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