Learn to Quit Smoking While You’re Still a Teen

The percent of teen smokers in this generation is getting higher compared before and the percent of them quitting is getting low. Teenagers are prone to smoking since they are in the stage wherein they go out with peers, seeking independence and acceptance. They think that the best thing to help them build friends is to follow what the others are doing for them not to be left behind, that’s why most teens become chain smokers and drug abusers.

Start as early as now

Teenagers are very curious about the things that adults do, and that why they do it. Curiosity is the start of the problem here, the moment you get curious and try it for the first time, it will lead to another time, but it’s never too late for the teenagers to quit because they are still young. Quitting at a young age is easier than quitting once you grow old doing it.

Inform the people you know

Cessation is easier once the people around you understand how serious you are. They can support you and give you encouragements on your progress. It is better that you can find a buddy that also has the same goal as you, this will lessen the hardship because the two of you can encourage each other.

Remove all stimulants

Throw all your cigarettes away, you don’t need those nicotine gums and electric cigarettes and certainly you don’t need those ash trays. Anything that reminds you of smoking must be kept away from your house or if you cannot avoid seeing them then it’s better that you stay away.

Know the word LIMIT

Once your system gets use to smoking, it’s not always that easy to quit immediately because it has some withdrawal syndromes. One might get depressed or nervous, others might be irritated easily or it will increase their appetite. A much more realistic approach is to limit your smoking per day. If you are used to smoking two packs a day then you can begin by smoking a pack a day, then you gradually decrease it. Soon enough you’ll only smoke when you need to and not the daily basis.

Try to relax and create a diversion, instead of smoking why not create a new hobby by getting into sports, photography, art or literature. You must train your mind to control your cravings; it’ll pay well in the future.

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