Online Personal Training: Latest Fitness Obsession?

Many people are now turning to the Internet for exercise guidance rather than seeking face-to-face instruction from a personal trainer at their local gym.

This new trend is perfect for those with little time and money to spare for keeping fit, but in order to reap the full range of benefits, you must know what to look for in home personal training.

Short Term Fad or Long Term Fix?

There’s always new health and fitness regimes being debated, new celeb diets and “miracle pills” being advertised but this latest obsession links closely to the fact that we are still suffering from the poor economic climate and have less income to spare for luxuries like personal trainers.

It’s easy to find an online personal trainer. All you need to do is go online and use a search engine like Google, Yahoo! or Ask to find what you are looking for. Part of the service often includes a custom-designed training programme and personalised diet plan, but how accurate are they? Is this new obsession the way forward?


  • Online personal training could prove to be a far more cost-effective way to enjoy tailored workouts. Prices will vary, but you can be sure that you would pay far more to have just a single hour-long training session in a gym or elsewhere than you would for a whole month online.
  • You have more flexibility which allows you to choose when you use your online personal training sessions. This is because they aren’t carried out in person, leaving you with the option of working out when you want to. This is great for busy lifestyles. Midnight yoga anyone?
  • You have instant access to your ‘trainer’ either via telephone or email as well as through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Support networks and forums are often included helping you to feel part of a team and stay motivted.
  • Personal training should be hands-on and face-to-face in order to effectively motivate, monitor progress and avoid injury. Therefore online personal training may not be as effective in terms of keeping you motivated and safe like a real-life personal trainer would. It’s very easy to ignore your computer, you can’t ignore a real trainer knocking on your door!


  • Health and safety could be an issue because you won’t have someone there to make sure you are doing your exercises correctly. It is more likely you could sustain an injury through this type of distant training.
  • Depending on the sort of workout you want to do, you may require specialist equipment. Therefore, if you don’t have it and choose to buy it – it could work out to be more expensive than joining a gym would’ve been. Plus, if it breaks, you have the job of fixing it.

Will it take off?

This latest fitness craze will stick around, but how popular it becomes will depend on a significant factor – ‘getting results’. Those who try it will need to see an improvement in their health and fitness if they are to continue to use this new type of personal training.

But, there will always be a call for personal training ‘in person’. This is because there is nothing more motivating than having someone next to you helping you to meet your fitness goals and sharing in your achievements.


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