Obesity: Too Heavy, Too Fat and Thick

We all love to eat; we love the easy life that technology brings us. Truly we are close to the futuristic Earth, but as our technology continue to evolve, our lifestyle is getting comfortable, we have gadgets, instant foods, fast food counters, magic drinks that sparkle, our work has become trouble-free and we can just sit back, relax, watch our favourite programs, interact with the social media while we stuff our stomachs with food.

Knowing obesity

Because of our lifestyle, we tend to exceed our normal weight, you might not be concerned about a little gain but that’s a start of gaining more weight if you don’t want to change your old habit it might be hard for you to regain it and you’ll end up blaming yourself for having late night movie marathon with a box of pizza and sodas.

Obesity is different from being overweight and recovering from it might take a long while and a huge amount of change and discipline. Obesity can be determined using your body mass index (BMI), to  get the BMI you must divide your weight in kilograms and your height in meters. If got 25-29.9, this means you are overweight but if it reached 30 that mean you are already obese.


Dealing with heavy weight is not the only problem here, you are exposed to a lot health risk and these are not just petty health conditions, you are dealing with chronic diseases such as; diabetes, hypertension, stroke, gallstones, increases in cholesterol levels, heart failure, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea and even cancer.


Obesity can be acquired through genes, if your parents are obese; chances are you can be obese. Knowing your hereditary background can save you from getting those diseases because you can prevent them from happening. You can deal with obesity by simply getting your lifestyle fixed.

Another reason for being obese is obviously overeating. If you eat more than you need per day you’ll store those excess calories in your body. If you do not work out, fat will build up. Eating is no problem but if you are eating more food rich in cholesterol, sweets and simple carbohydrates then you are likely to bloat up.

Sedentary lifestyle also causes obesity. People who are working out and having more physical activity increases your metabolism, therefore burning more calories compared to people who only stay home and lacks physical activity.

Other reasons are psychological; people who are stressed, bored and angry often eat more to suffice their unstable emotion.

Obesity is getting rampant in every country and you can see that there’s a growing amount of obesity that also affects young people today. Let’s hope that you can still fit in your genes.

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