How to Prevent Cancer

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in most countries, including the Philippines. What makes it difficult for Filipinos to get this kind of illness is that they don’t have the money to pay for treatments, or the truth in the matter is that many of them particularly the poor and indigent people have less knowledge about Cancer and can’t even afford to get them screened while early.

To make matters worse is that healthcare is limited and expensive that’s most of them would just endure the early stage and then that’s the time they’ll attend to their sickness when they are already suffering from pain. Cancer is a deadly disease, you can acquire it genetically, but you can still prevent cancer if you value your health.

Prohibit yourself from smoking

I know smoking can be cool especially when you are out with friends, smoking is carcinogenic, that means it is full of toxins that can ruin your body in any way possible. If cancer runs from your family, you might as well think twice because once you started smoking, it can be difficult to give up and that means your health is at stake. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Keep your distance with smokers

Puffing some cigarette is harmful enough how much more if you are inhaling the fumes from the smokers themselves. Second smoking is ten times more toxic than smoking itself. Cut the bullshit by reasoning out that you are exposed to smokers anyway so why not just puff a cigarette. If you are going to do that then you are going to die early.


Jog, swim, do a cardio, exercising is good for you. It will not only keep you slim and physically fit but exercising means you are removing the toxins out of your body by sweating. Exercising also increases your metabolism, which means all your waste is washed out rapidly. Just remember to drink plenty of fluids while doing so.

Eat healthy

With the number of fast food restaurants and instant foods available in the market, no wonder more and more people are getting cancer. Foods that are sealed with preservatives exposes us to carcinogens, the more we eat these stuffs, the more we take in toxins in our body. Stop eating those comfort foods and eat organic foods instead.

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