First Cold Is the Hardest to Survive

Children’s colds are indispensable part of every parent’s life. There are no exceptions. First time is the hardest. It usually kicks newborn after a month or two and makes his life difficult. Baby doesn’t know how to overcome the nose issues and has troubles breathing. This causes further sleep disturbances for babies and their parents.

The worst part is that cold lasts for about 10 days. Long 10 days for both sides. Viruses cause colds so there aren’t any medications, just drinking a lot of fluids and cleaning the nose to release baby’s respiratory channels.

And right after parents think it’s over the cough begins. It’s the final stage of the cold but makes parents miserable after hearing their baby struggle with it. Cough sounds bad and creates impression that baby is getting even worse so many visits the doctor in this phase. They say it will pass in a few days and usually it does. It just sounds bad but babies are tough fighters and cold cannot harm them that easy.

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