How to Manage Stress and Prevent Health Problems

There are days when we feel good and how we wish that the feeling could go on forever, apparently not all days are awesome and sometimes life throws us lemons, sour enough that it can lead to a stressful days of our lives. How do we manage stress? Before we get to that, first we need to understand what stress is all about.

It is exhausting

When we are under stress, our body releases cortisol that came from our adrenal glands. Ever heard of adrenaline? Whenever we are in a tight situation our body is pumped up to overcome that situation by giving us a boost. So we are in flight mode that means we are using more energy more than we used to but after that our body tires out easily, leaving us physically drained. How much more if we perceive more stress in our coming days? Our body will be so stressed to the point of breaking down.

How do we manage

You can never make stress go away, just like your pimple, it always comes back to bother you so just deal with it. How? By keeping your body healthy and fit whenever the stressful situation comes. You should always prepare yourself for the battle so that you won’t lose.

Be proactive, instead of whining and succumbing to alcohol to cope with stress why not sign up for gym class and channel those negative energy to do workouts. Eat healthy, comfort food does give temporary happiness but at the end of the day your body will feel sick. And lastly, give your body a rest, listen to some music that relaxes you, or read a book.

Be active and be positive to handle stress!

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