Preparing Yourself for Childbirth

On the first trimester of pregnancy we may be in the period of excitement because you are carrying a baby inside of you but as months go by, your belly gets rounder and heavier as the baby is growing inside, that excitement may be replaced with fear and anticipation of fear and pain.

There are methods to prepare yourself before giving birth, this may help you cope with fear and pain and relieve you of stress.

Dick Read Method

When a gravid woman is already on labor, she may feel fear of the tremendous pain going on with her. She may not properly listen as the medical team assist her and chances are she will lose all her strength to push the baby out. With this method the mother is taught to reduce her fear by education. It’s better that the mother knows what she is going to expect during the process of expulsion.

She will also be taught about the proper breathing techniques during delivery as well as ways to reduce pain. It also help that there’s someone who will couch her while she’s on labor, this will give her emotional strength. It can be the nurse or her husband.

Lamaze method

In this method the mother is taught how to replace the fear and pain she’s experiencing with other activity therefore inhibiting the pain stimuli. The mother is taught about breathing and relaxation techniques such as listening to music or nature sounds such as the waves and the rustling of the leaves. You need to practice this or better yet train yourself to do this early in your pregnancy. It also helps if to talk to someone in a calm environment with people that support you.

Giving birth is a painful but beautiful experience for all the mothers and doing these methods will not only help them overcome their fears but also gives them techniques in how to effectively deliver their baby.

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