How to Select Swim Goggles

There are several eye products on the market to improve the function and comfort of your eyes. If you’re in the market for eyewear for when you go swimming, you should probably invest in swim goggles. Goggles are excellent for protecting your eyes against the chlorine or saltwater, and they allow you better clarity when exploring the water. Whether you’re buying eyecare products from or another retailer, you should make these considerations when making your choice.


The lenses on the goggles are an important component. They are designed to enhance your vision and serve as a shield against the elements. Some swimmers choose to buy prescriptive lenses for their goggles if they have poor eyesight. You can order them to match your prescription, or you can try on several lenses until you find one that suits your vision needs the most. For swimming outdoors, invest in tinted lenses to protect your eyes from the sun. See if you can find a pair that shield against UV rays. Another piece of advice is to buy goggles with anti-fog capabilities. Your vision can become hazy without (or even with) this feature.


Ill-fitting swim goggles are virtually useless. Goggles that don’t fit your face will let in water, cloud your vision, and may hurt your eyes. In order to find a good fit, visit a sporting goods or swimming store and try on a variety of goggles. The lenses will be the best indicator of a good fit. The lenses should form a suction around your eye sockets and remain there when you press them against your face. The fit should be snug, but you should not see red circles surrounding your eyes when you remove the goggles. Given two choices, you should pick the more comfortable pair. A strong band should complete the outfit. Look for a band that is tight and appears to be durable. Your straps can wear out over time, so pick wisely so you don’t have to replace the bands so often. A more expensive but better quality pair will be worth it in the long run.

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