Refine the Beauty of You

As a girl’s thing, getting more concerned about our hair is really a big stuff. Always protect your hair from the sun-any product that puts a barrier between your hair and the sun is good, creams and serums are better than sprays, they’re thicker but if you have fine hair than use a spray so you don’t weight it down less is always more when using makeup don’t go to over the top unless its a Halloween party!

Always take a shower/bath every day to keep your hair from getting gross and greasy, definitely use a hair dryer to dry your hair it will look much better than natural hair dry. If you want you should get highlights but don’t be to crazy so if you have brown hair don’t get white highlights get like a lighter color of your hair color, if you have glasses you should get contacts it will really make your face look clearer and better no offense to people with glasses.

If you have braces it’s no big deal just make sure the colors u get are some what neutral and match things you have in your closet, when buying makeup don’t buy oil makeup and always make sure you wash your face at night! If u want and u think u have yellow teeth try using white strips crest white strips are definitely the best. Beauty sleep isn’t really what it sounds like so it just means u get well rested so that you don’t have bags under your eyes and your face is all blotchy you should get a good 8-10 hours of sleep each night.

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