How to Prevent Pollen Allergies

Most of Americans suffers from pollen allergies or seasonal allergies. People with weak immune system would be the first group to react on pollens on the environment especially during spring season. If you inhale pollens, it can cause sneezing, runny nose, itchy throat, infection, cough and nasal congestion.

Since we cannot really stop the pollens from spreading out in the environment; one of the best solution is to stay at home as much as possible to prevent pollen allergies. Close the doors and the windows at your home; and use the air-conditioning to cool your home. One must not also hang their clothes outside of their homes but in alternative, one can dry clean their clothes to avoid the pollens sticking in your clothes that shall make you sneezy. If you have some pets such as the dogs and the cats; don’t let them come outside your homes to avoid the pollens from sticking into their furs.

But when you really need to go outside of your home, well maybe you should take good care of yourself. Wear eyeglasses to prevent pollen from coming into your eyes. You can also wear a mask to prevent inhaling the pollens. You must also remember not to stay too long outside of your homes to save yourself from allergies to death.

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