How to Treat and Prevent Dandruff

There are times that we get dandruff and it’s irritating because one minute you are scratching your scalp because of the itch and then you’ll find thin powders on your shirt. This is such a big turn off whenever you’re with someone and your scalp bares it all, forming flakes that are noticeable. It was one of my embarrassing moments when I need to hide my scalp by tying up my hair, not to reveal my scalp. It’s the most boring hair style ever but I have to endure it.

Dandruff is a form of skin eczema and it is caused by a lot of things, it can be because of irritation, your scalp is sensitive to the hair products you are using. It can also mean you are stressed and your body takes it out on your scalp, it can also be a yeast infection, or it can either be not fully nourished with the food you are eating.


There are many ways in treating dandruff, and here are some of the remedies you can try if anti dandruff shampoos don’t work.

Baking Soda. If your dandruff tends to be flaky then this stuff is good for you because it is effective in removing flakes. When taking a bath wet your hair first and then put some baking soda on your hands and rub it on your scalp. Massage it thoroughly to remove the flakes. While you are using this product makes sure that you don’t use any shampoo, it may make your hair dry but a few weeks of using baking soda, eventually your natural oil will start to produce.

Lemon/calamansi is also good if you have an itchy and flaky scalp. Before taking a batch rub some of the lemon juice onto your scalp and massage them. Leave it for a few minutes before rinsing. It will not only remove your dandruff it keeps your hair smelling citrusy.

Salt. Do not underestimate your regular salt because this stuff has proved itself to be an effective scrubber. Of course you must use the fine salt rather than the course one. Salt has been used in many skin care products; it is very useful in removing dead skin. Just put some salt onto your flaky scalp and gently scrub it. Rinse it with water before shampooing.


Since dandruff can be caused by poor nutrition, we can prevent it by eating the right food. Eating food rich it vitamins and minerals such as fruits and vegetable as well as protein rich fruit helps prevent dandruff.

Get enough sleep to regenerate your body. Too much exhaustion lowers our immune system, giving way for opportunistic bacteria/agents to attack our system making us more weak and prone to infection.

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