How to Care for a New Tattoo

No matter how many Temecula tattoos you get, you will need to give them all the same care when they are new. The way you care for your tattoo immediately after it is inked into your skin will have a huge affect on the quality of the tattoo in years to come. The first couple of months are the most important, so make sure to go out of your way to give your tattoo the proper care.

Care for a New Tattoo

When you leave the tattoo shop, there should be a bandage with anesthetic on top of your tattoo. You will need to leave this bandage on for a couple of hours, or however long your artist tells you to leave it on. Go to your local grocery store and buy a special moisturizer for the area; your artist may be able to tell you the best brands to get. You will need to rub the moisturizer into the tattoo at least a few times a day for the first month or so. The area will be dry and the moisturizer will help keep the skin from flaking with the ink. However, you can expect the area to scab up a little bit and for it to itch a lot. No matter how much the area itches, you must not scratch it or pick at it. Leave it alone to heal properly or the area could scar and parts of the tattoo can be permanently damaged.

Keep the area out of the sun for the first few months – in fact, keeping the tattoo out of the sun should be done as much as possible as long as you have the tattoo for. The sun will make the tattoo fade much quicker, so if you must go out in the sun, put a good amount of sunblock on the area. While you can take showers with the tattoo, avoid areas of sitting water, such as baths, hot tubs, and pools.

Getting a Tattoo

When you get Temecula tattoos, be prepared for the fact that it will hurt or be uncomfortable, depending on where you get it. You will need to sit still for the artist to do his or her work well.

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