Calming Your Nerves During A Presentation

Anxiety and nervousness can take the better of us if we let them. Oftentimes, they are the cause of failures, especially during important events like an office or school presentation. However, there are ways in which you can avoid getting overly anxious and go through your presentation successfully.

One is to organize what you’re going to say and prepare for the event long before. This will give you the confidence that everything will go smoothly. Second, if you’re having a hard time facing a crowd, don’t try to look in their eyes. It can make you more anxious seeing so many pairs of eyes staring at you. Instead, try looking at their forehead, so it would seem like your keeping eye contact with them.

If you find the urge to squeeze something, it would be great to have a stress ball or even a pen on hand. This can allow you to channel the tension from your body to the item by squeezing it. Take time to breathe slowly while you’re up on stage. Anxiety can rise if you don’t breathe properly.

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