Basic Eye Make-up Techniques by Eye Shape Type: Mascara and Colors

No two gazes are the same, therefore, no two styles of make-up can apply to two different women. Some of us have deep-set eyes, almond-shaped eyes, or eyes set too far apart. Depending on your physiognomy and the look you’re trying to achieve, here are some basic eye make-up tips for you to consider.

By the depth of the eye

Some women have their eyes set deeper into the sockets within the skull, while others have a naturally protruding gaze. Both situations can be enhanced to remarkable effects – or, with the wrong kind of make-up, can be augmented to the point where those in the former group look constantly tired, while those in the latter appear to have bulging eyes. For women with deep set eyes, it’s important to bring them forward by highlighting and illuminating the top of the upper lid. Use neutral, light tones for this, whether you’re using eye-liner or powder. Also, don’t forget to use mascara that doesn’t stain, in order to prevent smudges from your lashes touching your eyelids. For protruding eyes, play with the fact that you literally have a lot of real estate to cover. There is a lot of space there, and in order to avoid the bulging look, you can always play with dark hues – the smoky eyes look is absolutely perfect for women with this type of eyes.

By the upturn of the eye

Eyes can also be classified according to the way the corner of the eye is pointing – in simpler terms, think of women who appear to be smiling all the time (their eyes are naturally upturned), as opposed to those with a more wistful gaze (whose corners of the eyes are pointing downward). Each of these shapes can be flattered with the right kind of makeup. With upturned or almond-shaped eyes, it’s almost like the lower lid is larger and longer than the upper one. This optical effect can be countered by adding a line of color to the corner of the eye. And when using colors, make sure to use the same ones on both lids, by drawing a line in eye-liner along the lash line of the lower lid. For downturned eyes, you’re going to want to balance out that effect by bringing the eyes up. This is easy to achieve with a cat-eye make-up style in black eye-liner, complemented with the right type of lash-extending Mascara. The effect is both classical and elegant, as well as sultry and dramatic.

By the distance between the eyes

Ideally, the distance between your eyes should equal the length of one eye. This, however, is not the case for everyone. For people with eyes set too close together, the obvious solution is to illuminate the inner corner of both eyelids (the lower and the upper). Try a light, metallic, or neutral color and also create the effect of focusing on the outer corners of the eyes with a bit more mascara applied to the lashes by the outer corner of your eyes. When your eyes seem to be too far apart, the solution is to line the upper lid with a dark color, as close to the corner of the eye as possible. Also use mascara to add shorter lashes to strands which include the longer ones.

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