Preventing Acne for Different Skin Type

There is nothing as upsetting than waking up in the morning and finding your face forming zits. Truly it is one of the depressing moments in your life when you have to deal with acne. You thought you are over your acne days because you’ve surpass teen years but there are many factors that lead to forming acne; It maybe because you are not using the right products or simply because of hormones and your skin type.

Preventing Acne

Skin type

Having oily skin doesn’t mean you are prone to having acne. Acne only accumulates when the oil harbors inside your pore. Having dry skin may also lead to irritation that causes infection and of course acne so it’s better to leave it moisturized.

When you have sensitive skin, you have to be very meticulous of the skin care products you’re using because it may quickly irritates or complicates your skin, on the other hand resistant skin can withstand any products you use.

Pigmented skin can easily changed it’s color, you may find their skin have dark spots or light spots, you have to choose the skin care products you are using because inflammation may alter the skin color and leave it permanent.

Treatment and the Do’s and Don’t

For oily pigmented, tight and sensitive skin you are prone to age spots and freckles, do not use sunscreen products that contains zinc oxide because it make your skin purplish. You should treat your pimples using benzoyl peroxide and for black heads treat them using salicylic acid.

Oily, pigmented, loose and sensitive skin are prone to forming brown spots, you must be careful in choosing the products that does not contain harsh chemicals. Don’t go out under the sun without putting on sunscreen because it may worsen your acne.

If your skin is oily, pigmented, and resistant and loose, you have big pores thus you might think twice in mashing your white heads and blackheads because it will further enlarge your pores. You seldom encounter us having zits and you can use almost all skin care products. You might want to try some skin mask just to nourish your skin.

Whatever the cause of pimples, it is important to know your skin first to move to the next step in treating them because you won’t know if it may benefit or harm your skin, it’s a precaution without having yourself spend more money on a treatment that even harm your skin.

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