How to Reach El Nido – Backpacker’s Mecca

The isolated seclusion is an authentic Paradise. El Nido Philippines is never an easy place to go to. Making it the backpacker’s Mecca. To savor what Alex Garland or his “The Beach” novel experienced read on and learn great tips as well. Puerto Princessa is the gateway to El Nido. Cheap flights to Puerto Princessa can be booked via Cebu Pacific, PAL, or ZEST air.

There are two ways to transfer from Puerto Princessa to El Nido. You may take the Banca (it is a small Filipino boat) or travel by land in a Van. By sea is the popular choice. Highly risky, although Backpackers are known to love the thrill of the indefinite. And taking the banca will guarantee a clear view of El Nido’s wonder – the Eagle’s Nests, the deep crystal clear waters and the limestone cliffs. It is so picture perfect; you can’t resist sending out cheap postcards to tease your friends.

There are now several Van companies catering to land transfers from Puerto Princessa to El Nido. You have Fortwally shuttle service, Eulen Joy Shuttle Van and Lexus Company. The vans never depart on time, so prepare your patience. But all these troubles melt away once you arrive to El Nido. You will see that it is indeed Paradise.

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