Health Tips for College Student

When we graduate from high school that’s the time when we start to be independent. We go to our desired College and Universities. We live in dorms far away from our parents; it would be a big change knowing that your mom is not there to assist you with your needs like cooking delicious food or watching on you. Make your college life health worthy by following these tips.


Exercise with a buddy

You know college can be stressful most of the time, that’s why students do unhealthy stuff like drinking beers, partying, watching games and staying up all night eating pizza and chips. These do not really help you release stress instead it increases your stress level, so why sign up for some gym lessons. You can make it even fun by inviting a buddy to do the same. It will motivate both of you to get into fitness religiously.

Cook and eat your own style

When you eat outside, you won’t know just how unhealthy foods are, you won’t know if they are using organic ingredients, whether they are using enough or too much of everything. Why not skill all the trouble and just cook your own food, cut the sodas, choose veggies and fruits more because these are the food that keep us strong in times of stress.


No matter how many projects you have, no matter how difficult a test maybe that’s not an excuse to lack some sleep. Sleep is very important; rest your brain for a bit. No matter how much you study all night, it will all go down to waste once your brain shuts it’s function. Just like our body it also needs to replenish the used energy by sleeping.
You wouldn’t want to finish your college looking old and haggard would you? Cut that unhealthy lifestyle and make health and fitness a daily habit.

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