When Allergy Strikes

One of the things I hate is when my allergy strikes and there is no stopping it. I have an allergic rhinitis; this happens when I inhale something that triggers my allergy. It could be dusts, pollens, pet dander and smoke. The worst for me would be sniffing dust when I try to clean the corners of the house that’s difficult to clean. There are two types of allergic rhinitis: seasonal or the hay fever and perennial. What I have is the perennial allergic rhinitis, it is caused by indoor allergens and seasonal allergic rhinitis is caused by outdoor allergens.

allergy symptoms

Allergic rhinitis has similar symptoms of colds but it has no fever and it is not a result of a virus. I really hate it when my allergy strikes because my nose feels itchy and stuffy, I keep on sneezing to the point that it weakens me, there’s also runny nose, my throat feels itchy and dry. My eyes feels puffy and itchy at the same time, heck I think everything about my face feels itchy to the point that I keep on washing my face with cold water to relieve me from the itchiness. What so unbearable about this is that your whole body weakens and it feels like your ears are blocked because of the constant sneezing.

There is no immediate cure to allergic rhinitis because your immune system reacts to the allergens and the best way is to prevent it from attacking. You can stay away from the things that causes your allergy, if you are cleaning; wear a mask, remove carpets because they tend to hide dusts, it is better to keep pets away, clean and wash pillows and bed sheets often, and avoid plants that have pollens.

We really can’t help if ones your allergy get to you because we can’t escape potential allergens, so when allergy strikes there are available antihistamines to take orally, there are also injectable types. Sometimes it helps to slowly let your body be immune to the allergens so the next time it attacks, it might be not as bad as you think it would be.

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