The Health Benefits of Yoga

A friend of mind was into yoga and this exercise really did well for her, I think she had become more beautiful compare to the last time I saw her. Yoga was originated in India and became popular because of the benefits it brings to our body.


Physical benefits

Yoga increases our strength and endurance, some of the poses that yoga teaches takes you carry and support your weight and as a result it makes your muscles toned. Because yoga teaches your body to be flexible, it helps you prevent pain in some areas of the body; it may also remove physical pain because it corrects your posture. Another thing that benefits you from yoga is the breathing exercise that helps you control your breathing, allowing your body receive the amount of air it needed.

Mental benefits

Not only that yoga benefits you physically it has an equal benefit mentally. Doing yoga calms you mind and clear your thought from anything that is stressful. Clearing your mind will give you time to take a break on the everyday hassle and problems that bothers your mind. Yoga also increases your physical awareness, when you do a lot of yoga poses it makes you aware how your body is in need of reshaping and alignment.

Take the basic steps in yoga, Go grab a demo cd or enroll in a yoga class if you have the time.

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